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TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – An Uber driver, shot and left to die, is telling his exceptional story of survival.

More than three months after a person with a gun shot Terence Baxter, his attacker has but to be caught.

Baxter, 33, informed the story of what occurred.

He had simply dropped off a buyer on a visit from Tampa to Largo.

As he waited for an additional fare, issues obtained ugly.

“These guys out three, four in the morning, I guess they were looking for trouble and they ran into me. It was an attempted robbery,” stated Baxter.

Shot in the stomach, Baxter still wears bandages.

“I got shot in the left side of my stomach, but it ripped through my stomach, hit a vein in my right leg,” he stated.

Trying to remain calm, Baxter drove alongside Ulmerton Road for 10 minutes earlier than crashing right into a concrete divider.

“I just had to talk myself. I knew I couldn’t panic. I knew I couldn’t let my adrenaline take me to a place to where I just laid down and died on the side of the road,” stated Baxter.

After a while, he noticed a deputy.

“I just remember him shining a light in my face and just waking up. I was able to say, ‘I was shot, sir,’” he stated.

That deputy is Eric Ford. He managed to get Baxter to Bayfront Health, St. Petersburg.

“I’m just happy to be alive. I got kids and I got a family that love me and a pretty good support system, so I’m just happy that I’m here to be talking to you guys,” stated Baxter.

He is grateful to all who helped him.

“This situation has actually made me love because so many people reached out to me, so many people of different races and genders,” stated Baxter.

The shooter is still on the market, so that is an open case.

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