Uber says drivers breaking rules to be expelled after taxi driver films bad behaviour –

Quebec’s Ministry of Transport and Uber are warning Uber drivers that there are critical repercussions in the event that they decide up passengers who hail them on the road.

A Montreal taxi driver on a mission, Hassan Kattoua, has been filming Uber drivers he hails and posting covert movies of them to YouTube. 

In a number of the movies he additionally asks the Uber drivers if he pays money although Uber solely permits funds by way of the app. 

He stated that since approaching Uber automobiles aren’t clearly marked, he typically waited for shoppers to get out of their Uber at Montreal’s Trudeau Airport, an Uber drop-off hotspot.

Uber and the airport signed a deal in December 2016 that permits the journey hailing app to drop off and decide up clients there.  

He stated he filmed the movies to present that Uber drivers are breaking the phrases of the one-year pilot project the journey hailing app agreed on with the provincial authorities final yr.

“My objective is to show the government that [Uber] has ruined our industry,” he advised CBC Montreal’s Daybreak.

Disciplinary measures

The Ministry of Transport, the company which brokered the phrases of Uber’s pilot challenge, stated Uber drivers are clearly not allowed to work outdoors the app.

“We’re waiting for Uber to put in place disciplinary measures to stop this practice,” Ministry of Transport spokesperson Mathieu Gaudreault stated.

Uber said that drivers know they don’t seem to be allowed to settle for fares that do not come via the app nor are they allowed to settle for money. Those are each a breach of contract with the corporate.

“We have a very strict policy towards those who do off-platform hailing and as soon as such a case is brought to our attention, the individual is expelled immediately and definitively,” Uber spokesperson Jean-Christophe de le Rue informed CBC in an e-mail.

UberX driver agrees to settle for moneyzero:28

Kattoua stated that when he tried to catch Uber drivers going towards their firm coverage all he had to do was increase his hand like he was hailing a taxi.

“They would stop I would say, ‘Listen, I’m going downtown how much will it be?'” he stated.

He stated his aim hasn’t been to expose the Uber drivers he filmed — he needs the federal government to compensate taxi licence holders for his or her permits dropping worth, or to purchase out all of the permits.

He estimates that may quantity to about $125,000 per licence holder.

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