Seattle cyclist narrowly escapes injury after being sideswiped by Uber driver – KOMO News

Patrick Niemeyer says he narrowly escaped injury Monday morning after being sideswiped by an Uber driver alongside Dexter Avenue in Seattle. (Photo: KOMO News)

SEATTLE – A bicyclist narrowly escaped injury Monday morning after being sideswiped by an Uber driver alongside Dexter Avenue in Seattle.

“I feel incredibly fortunate. It could have been much, much worse,” stated cyclist Patrick Niemeyer.

Niemeyer stated he was driving to work close to the 1100 block of Dexter Avenue when the Uber driver sideswiped the again of his bike and caught his bag, dragging it beneath the automotive. Niemeyer, nevertheless, was capable of keep upright and was not harm.

“I screamed, got out of the way as much as I could,” Niemeyer stated. “The driver trailed behind me and did stop then. He had two passengers in the car and they eventually got out and left.”

Niemeyer stated when the driver stopped he refused to point out his identification.

“He started saying to me ‘Show me your ID, show me your ID’ and he seemed to be kind of confronting me, suggesting I should show him my ID which made no sense,” Niemeyer recalled.

Niemeyer shot a photograph of the car earlier than the driver took off then he contacted Uber.

“They said, surprisingly, ‘We don’t have that (license) plate in our system,'” stated Niemeyer.

The response did not make a lot sense to Niemeyer.

On Tuesday, nevertheless, Uber spokesman Andrew Hasbun stated there was a mistake and confirmed the driver does, in reality, work for the corporate, Hasbun stated the driver was making a visit when the incident occurred on Monday morning.

Hasbun stated he did not know what went fallacious when Niemeyer initially submitted his request concerning the crash and stated, it was simply an error.”

Hasbun stated the corporate made contact with the driver and that he’s not driving in the meanwhile.

“As bike commuters all of us acknowledge it is actually harmful out right here,” stated bicyclist Lexy Relph.

Some cyclists declare the stretch of Dexter Avenue, the place the sideswipe occurred, is a steady drawback with drivers weaving out and in of the bike lane and blocking cyclists.

“I am fortunate I have never had anyone reduce me off or a door open in entrance of me, however it will get scary with the development ‘trigger you need to do lots of merging in with the visitors too, particularly on Dexter,” stated cyclist Danielle Frank.

Niemeyer stated he additionally considers the part of Dexter Avenue harmful regardless of enhancements made by the city.

“They’ve accomplished numerous nice enhancements, I feel, on Dexter. The bikes are usually offset from the buses, you don’t need to cross visitors with buses, which is very nice, however you continue to have automobiles which are coming in and going out both to show or to park,” stated Niemeyer, who bike commutes together with his four.5-yr-previous daughter in tow.

Niemeyer had dropped-off his daughter at college Monday morning simply earlier than the accident.

“I just feel lucky this didn’t end up a lot worse than it did,” stated Niemeyer.

Niemeyer stated he was sporting a helmet, and that his entrance and rear bike lights have been on when the accident occurred.

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