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NOTE: Two of the photographs included with this story seem to incorporate vomit, which some individuals might want to keep away from.


DELRAY BEACH, Fla. — A Delray Beach man sounded off on social media after his one mile Uber experience residence became a $165 cleansing charge. He claims his Uber driver ripped him off, submitting pretend pictures of vomit in his automotive after the journey. 

There wasn’t something extraordinary about David Shoultz’ Uber journey residence in Delray Beach Monday night time. 

“We got to my house, got out, I tapped him [Uber driver] on the shoulder, ‘thanks for the ride, have a goodnight,” stated Shoultz.

But the subsequent day, Shoultz had a shocking cost. 

“I see a $165 cleaning fee,” he stated.

Shoultz was confused concerning the charge.

“I was like, ‘did I have dirty shoes or something?’ ” added Shoutlz.

He reached out to Uber help and what they emailed him made him sick.

“They forward me these  two photos that don’t look anything like car I rode in, but there was vomit everywhere,” stated Shoultz.

Uber drivers need to submit an image anytime a passenger leaves a multitude within the automotive in order that they are often compensated for it. Then the rider is charged a cleansing payment. The drawback is Shoultz stated this wasn’t his mess. 

“This is not a mess, this is fraud,” he stated. “How do they know that photo is not just off Google somewhere?”

Shoultz stated he tried to inform his aspect of the story. 

“I think you’re missing the point, like he, this is fraudulent. What he’s doing is stealing from me and you’re siding with him because he has a random photo,” added Shoultz. 

Uber wasn’t issuing a refund so Shoultz took his frustrations to social media. A number of hours later he acquired a response from Uber. 

“Someone called be from Uber saying we saw your post, we’re looking into this, we’re going to investigate the driver,” he stated.

The firm says it refunded Shoultz the cleansing charge and journey value and apologized for any inconvenience. Uber is investigating the matter. 

Moving ahead Shoultz stated he is documenting all of his rides. 

“I’m going to take photos or a quick little video with the driver, ‘thank you for the ride, have a goodnight,” stated Shoultz. 

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