Uber driver held at gunpoint, forced to drive robber in Lexington – WKYT

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) – A Lexington Uber driver stated a gunman held him towards his will.

Matt Elliott has been driving for Uber for greater than three years.

“What if they make the bad choice? They don’t want to take a cab and there’s not an Uber driver available. So they get in a car and they go out and kill somebody,” stated Elliott.

A calling of types for the proud father and grandfather, that routine taking a violent flip this weekend.

Elliott says he had simply dropped off a gaggle of passengers round three o’clock Sunday morning. He was sitting at a cease signal at South Mill and Pine Street when a person opened his passenger door and jumped in his car.

“Initially thought it was someone thinking I was their Uber Driver because I’ve got the emblems on my car. Next thing I know, he was asking for my wallet,” stated Elliott.

Elliott refused to surrender his pockets. At that time, he says the person pulled out a gun, put it to his head, and advised him to drive.

“My life flashed before my eyes,” remembered Elliott.

Elliott drove the person in the direction of Nicholasville Road. At one level making an attempt to discretely get the eye of an officer.

“I sped up. I thought by speeding he’d clock me and get in behind me and that would resolve the issue … that didn’t work,” defined Elliott.

Elliott says the suspect informed him to make turns placing him farther off of the primary roadway. He says when he stopped complying with the gunman’s instructions, the person hit him in the top.

“I’m not sure if it was with the gun or his fist, but I felt it right at my eye. At that point I knew I had to fight back.”

A struggle ensued between the 2 on a aspect road off of Lowry Lane. During that change, the suspect dropped his gun in the floorboard and ultimately ran off. Elliott referred to as 911. Police took a report and have been in a position to gather the gun for proof.

Elliott says he plans to proceed driving for Uber however might be ensuring his doorways are locked at all occasions.

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