LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) – As a lady, how safe would you feel as an Uber driver? In 2015, it was revealed solely 14% of Uber drivers in America were women. So, why aren’t ladies driving extra Uber automobiles?

Most of the ladies we interviewed had the identical response. They all stated they would not feel safe being an Uber driver as a woman. One individual stated they would not do it as a result of they felt it would be too scary for them.

But, Uber driver Elizabeth Thomas disagrees. She stated there’s loads of methods to maintain your self safe. The first step, Thomas stated, begins with the passengers journey score from different Uber drivers.

“You can look at the star rating and if [a passenger] is a three you don’t pick them up,” she stated.

Thomas additionally stated she carries pepper spray always in case a buyer might get too rowdy. She additionally has a digital camera that she makes use of to report each inside and out of doors of the automotive. Both pepper spray and 

One different factor she confused was staying in your consolation zone.

“Drive during the day and stay in certain areas of town. Stay in areas that you feel comfortable with,” Thomas advised.

Also, at any time you can refuse or finish rides with individuals which might be out of hand. Thomas stated she’s by no means had a dangerous encounter and she or he plans to maintain going as an Uber driver.