Uber driver warns riders of changes ahead of New Years Eve – KWQC-TV6


DAVENPORT, Ia. (KWQC)- According to the Iowa State Patrol almost 100 fatalities happen annually consequently of intoxicated driving. Ahead of the New Years weekend, regulation enforcement is urging everybody to maintain security a prime precedence. Trooper Dan Loussaert, stated a number of businesses will work collectively all through the state in search of impaired drivers Saturday night.

“The big focus this weekend will be intoxicated drivers and hopefully keeping them out of the roadways,” stated Loussaert. “Unfortunately if people are making bad choices we will be taking them off of the road so they don’t endanger themselves or hurt anybody else.”

Many will flip to experience providers, resembling taxis or Uber to make sure a protected journey residence. However, Uber drivers warn that current changes to the app could also be deceptive. Driver, Darren Low, stated the change has aggravated drivers the previous few months.

“I’ve had people get in my car and they don’t realize that it is a surge,” Low stated. “What will happen is that at the end of the trip they will see the price because they weren’t aware of the total fare price and how to look that up.”

In June, Uber modified it’s coverage in order that riders will not have the ability to see the “surge” fee. Instead, the Uber app will calculate earlier than you settle for how a lot it prices based mostly on the space, time, visitors, and surge pricing. Low advises all riders to ensure that they agree with the worth earlier than agreeing to the service. Q.C. Chauffeurs, Quad Cities Yellow Checker Cab, and Dana’s Cabs are a couple of different experience providers obtainable within the Quad Cities.


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