Nightmare In New York City

Nightmare In New York City

Once upon a time only doctors and business men were earning a decent wage and the rest of the population was living on nickels and dimes. This was the early 50s in N.Y.C., and everybody was equally poor and bored. Since very few people had extra money to spend most people sat at home looking out the window at empty streets. The only time people left the house was to get some basic food items or when they traveled on the subway to a low paying job and an angry boss. This was the worst of times, and what made it really miserable was the difficulty of finding a good bed partner. Single women were afraid of making love due to their fear of becoming pregnant. Abortion was not legalized, and a single woman that got pregnant was often a suicide case. Many people were forced to enter a bad marriage due to an accidental pregnancy, and it was not uncommon for a couple to get married just so they could experience sexual intercourse.

Times have changed for the better, no longer are we poor and bored. Good jobs are plentiful, and bosses have a smile on their faces. People are now kept busy shopping for everything under the sun, and hot love affairs are available to all just for the asking, we are living in the best of times. Those that have a problem with modern life have to search deep within themselves for a solution.

The perfect society has never been created. But the imperfect society can be visualized. It would be a society where there wasn’t enough money in a persons pocket to enjoy shopping in a mall, or being able to buy a house or automobile. It would be a society where having an ideal sexual affair without being married was impossible. The imperfect society would be a place where people were intolerant of those that had an unpopular but harmless viewpoint. The most imperfect world would be a place where the most perfect people would be deprived by others of living a perfect life.

These are good times; the few problems we have are minor ones. The biggest fear is only an imaginary one, it is the fear about our society entering a new phase, and it being transported back in time to New York City in the 50s.This would be a nightmare and I hope it never happens.