York City in England

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York City in England

York is a city that is located in the Yorkshire region in England. The city has a rich and vast cultural heritage and has been actively involved in the world politics and media.

Tourism Sector in York:

York Minster:

It is mainly a cathedral that is located in the northern part of York. It is a Gothic Cathedral. This cathedral serves as the seat of the bishop of this city. This cathedral has a wide chapter house and nave which is highly decorated in the Gothic Style. It was built in 300 AD. This cathedral was then destroyed in 700 AD and then it was rebuilt. The beautiful stained glasswork on the western window is magnificent to watch and admire. The major attraction of this place is the Astronomical Clock that was added to this cathedral in 1955. This clock was added as a tribute to those who died in the World War II.

York Castle:

This was a part of a fortification that was done in 13th century. Today this fort has a wall and a keep. This castle was destroyed in due course of time and has a disputed past. This site always had a strong Jewish hold.

Another feature of York is Snickelways, which are the narrow streets forming a place for the market and hawker space. These narrow streets and pavements are linked to the old markets. These streets are so narrow that only person can cross on foot and no vehicle can pass through them.

Transport Facilities in York:

Due to its situation on the River Ouse, there is a well established network of boats and ferries which forms the basis for the transport to other cities. The air services are provided by the Manchester Airport which is connected by trains from here. There is an extensive network of railways which connect it to major cities of England.

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